Nerpa Seals am Baikalsee

Nerpa Seals at lake Baikal

The pretty Nerpa seals (Pusa sibirica) live year-round on Lake Baikal in Siberia. They belong to one of two species of seals that live exclusively in the fresh water. Approximately 100,000 of the animals are here endemic in the most water rich lake on earth. In the summer they mostly stay on the north eastern bank of the lake. In winter on the ice in holes which are kept open by them. Each year, pregnant mothers gives birth to around 20,000 babies who breast-feed them in self builded snow caves up to two months.

Pottwale vor der Küste der Azoren

Sperm Whales off the Azores

Who doesn't know about the popular "Azores High" from the weather forecast? However, hardly anyone knows that many large sea mammals live here. 24 Whale and dolphin species are existing around the islands, but as well many high-sea hunters such as sharks, marlins, tuna and swordfish are regularly encountered. Often crossing turtles, moon fish and large swarms the boats of whale-watchers. On the islands are around 60 endemic plant species and countless rare animals. A paradise for photographers and natural people.